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There's Something Out There There's Something Out There

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is so adorable and hilarious! "Ma, ma! There's something out there!" "Oh, hush and let me groom the cow."

G3no responds:

but they're sisters! doesn't matter, i still thank you a lot for enjoying this one, it was quite tedious

Anare'il the Chaos Dragon Anare'il the Chaos Dragon

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Heya, long time no review, Chronamut! I'm no good at all with art or reviewing it, but I must say, this drawing is absolutely fantastic. Is it/was it originally a pencil sketch? It definitely looks/feels like one. I know this is reiterating so soon in the review, but I don't know much about art so I'm just gonna give my two cents (literally two comments). The first one is that, in the description, you say its snake-like fangs are retractable; however, I believe that you should have made his snout larger on the top so that there would be room for them to slide in without them, when inside, making giant bulges (just a theoretical standpoint on this, not that dragons need logic). The only other comment is just that I absolutely love your execution and integration of the idea of both fur and plate armor on a dragon, and it's absolutely fantastic.



Chronamut responds:

the fangs slide up and rest on the roof of the mouth :)

and yes it is an original pencil sketch :)

glad you like it!

thanks for the review!