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I'm back... hopefully

2013-07-10 01:04:43 by MadenameXD

Well, it would appear that life has had its way with me, dragging me through its treacherous endeavors; however, I feel that it will be nice if I get back to doing things on Newgrounds for fun once in a while. I must say, it's real fun to befriend audio composers and go throughout their music and offer my non-professional commentary. I mean hey, I'm no professional, but I enjoy it and I can have a pretty good ear sometimes. Cheers for my (hopefully abiding) return.



2011-01-21 23:12:59 by MadenameXD

I guess that reviewing audio is pretty fun haha. It gives me something to do! It also feels good to actually get a response and be acknowledged by the person you're critiquing! Thanks to those of your who have responded consistently (rtnario and Chronamut), and I've decided that, despite the fact my knowledge may be completely useless, if you want I can review some music of yours to see what I think of it. Sure I'm no big shot, and I am far from being full of myself (Why would I be full about myself for making "good reviews" anyways?), but it would be fun to try to get more variation in the music I review. Haha I guess this may sound like I'm advertising giving something away, although I just find it fun to review.

Also, I would appreciate to maybe know some new authors of music so the style of the music I listen to can alter more. I am very happy with the music I listen to from people like Chronamut, rtnario and X-Infinity-Zero, but variety is always a good thing!


Audio Portal

2010-11-23 21:33:32 by MadenameXD

It has been decided. The Audio Portal is now my place that I get lots of the music I listen to from. My MP3 player is currently 21ish% NG Audio, and it has about 387 songs, 107 of which are all Weird Al, then all but 7 of the other songs are direct game rips.

Some great artists to look into are X-Infinity-Zero and Chronamut.

Well, back to gaming and audio finding!

I have recently been thinking, and I currently have thought about how little time I have spent on newgrounds. I guess that part of it must be that I have school which gets in the way, but then again I also have a bunch of work that I need to do. So I guess that this post is just to say that I will probably be doing other things for a while.

Also I have been looking into buying New Super Mario Bros Wii, Scribblenauts, and the Band Hero Band Kit for Wii. I am wondering if people who look at this could respond with their thoughts on those games. I hope that I can get some good quality responses on your opinions of the games and which ones are good or not, and whether or not it's worth it for me to buy them.

Otherwise, I am looking for a good, free music making software so I can try to create some of my own little tunes, or remixes, or just the same thing as some of my favorite music. I hope that there are some good music making software out there that I could use. I look forward to seeing any responses to this post. As of now, I am working on homework


2009-10-05 19:16:44 by MadenameXD

Well, I just started newgrounds and I decided that I'd make a post no matter how lame it is on my account.

Currently I just made up my own way to play the Forest Maze jingle on piano and am acing all my tests I get.

Well Castle Crashing the Beard is the best game ever.... So that ends my lamest post ever!